District 59 Conference

May 24–26, 2024 | Crowne Plaza, Antwerp

Pascale Switten

Pascale Switten


The retail journey of Pascale Switten began on the buying and logistics side. So, as the CEO of Cameleon, she had to grow her marketing, visual merchandising, and support function wings fast. In her own words: “We’re not flying yet, but we’re definitely off the runway.“ Her dad told her she was crazy to invest her money into resurrecting Cameleon. But she is stubborn — she is convinced she got that quality from him. As a leader, she feels that her role is to pull others up. Of course, strategy and vision are important, but not as much as talent. And talent is great, but it has to be rewarded. Cameleon’s model of making staff shareholders was a first in Belgium. “At Cameleon, it’s not about having the boardroom chair, but taking a seat at the family table,” Pascale says.



Sunday at 10:15 Panel Discussion: From Coal to Diamond — Leadership Lessons from Entrepreneurs and Innovators Location: Main Hall

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