District 59 Conference

May 24–26, 2024 | Crowne Plaza, Antwerp

Shine like a Diamond

May 24, 25, and 26 | Crowne Plaza, Antwerp, Belgium

Does a stage get the best out of you? Learning to lead fulfils you? Come to artful Antwerp in Belgium on May 24, 25 and 26 for an event that will get you to the next level of public speaking and leadership. The city of diamonds promises growth, creativity and a rich social experience. Come… and shine like a diamond.


May 24, 25, 26, 2024.

Crowne Plaza Hotel, Gerard le Grellelaan 10, 2020 Antwerpen, Belgium

The Program

The Toastmasters District 59 Conference offers a stellar line-up: the best in the world in public speaking will give captivating speeches and enriching workshops.

The 2022 World Champion of Public Speaking, Cyril Junior Dim, will take the Antwerp stage for a keynote speech. “There’s a difference between simply delivering your material and making people experience your material,” Cyril says.

He will be joined by other world-class speakers.

Lars Sudmann (watch his TEDx speech with 2 million views on YouTube) will offer unique insights from 15 years of public speaking. Also on stage: Séverine Naessens (with a workshop about “implicit prejudices”), Guy Ooms (about “networking like Samurai”), Daniel Mouqué, Bart Van Loon and Natascha Jacobsz.

Throughout the weekend, speaking contests in three languages will be held—an essential part of the Toastmasters ecosystem. On Saturday evening, there’s a separate gala dinner — under the theme “Diamonds are Forever”.

We will update you here, via the schedule on our website, or on our social media.


Tickets are no longer available for purchase.

Where to stay

The main parts of the three-day conference take place in the Crowne Plaza business hotel just outside the city center. Regrettably, rooms in this hotel are at a discount rate are already sold out.

We refer you to the regular booking platforms, such as Booking.com and Airbnb.

Note that some social activities, ahead or after the main conference, take place in other parts of the city.

Explore Antwerp

Did you ever want to visit a typical Belgian brewery?
Or look out over the Antwerp skyline?
Or wander around the old town and visit the Antwerp City Hall or a diamond museum?
All is possible. We are excited to offer all these activities, for just a small extra fee. Spaces are limited, so claim your places now here.

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About Toastmasters

In the digital era, human connection is more important than ever. If you can appeal to a large audience from the stage or ensure people work together in smaller groups … the world is within reach. Public speaking, communication and leadership are the building blocks of Toastmasters. Our yearly District Conference offers the best of what is out there in these areas.